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Apply for the city of gastronomy. Let Huai’an taste be remembered by the world

In recent years, Huai'an has actively promoted and inherited Huaiyang cuisine and culture by hosting food festivals, cooking competitions and other activities. Huai’an has started the application of the UCCN City of Gastronomy since 2017. In order to effectively promote the application, Huai’an has made policies to promote the development of Huaiyang cuisine industry, carried out the selection activities of Famous Huaiyang Cuisine Restaurant, and selected and train talented chefs to promote Huaiyang cuisine.

Nowadays, the output value of the city's food industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan, and more than 100,000 people have been trained as middle and senior chefs. More than 40 Chinese Cooking Masters have been trained. All these provide an innovative source for the inheritance and development of Huaiyang cuisine.

Xu Zhihao, deputy director of the municipal bureau of commerce, said that since the application started, Huai'an has held a series of activities and strengthened international and domestic exchanges, which has effectively promoted the internationalization process of Huaiyang cuisine.




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