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China's Huai'an serves global food at the International Food Expo

HUAI'AN, China, May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The China (Huai'an) International Food Expo (Food Expo) kicked off on Thursday in Huai'an, Jiangsu in eastern Chinawith featured activities such as high-end summit, production-sales matching activities, brand promotions and food tasting events. The expo will be held four days in the "Canal City".

Also known as the "Gourmet City", Huai'an invited 456 domestic and foreign companies to the expo to exhibit tens of thousands of varieties of food, sourced globally, treating participants to a feast with "Jiangsu Taste", "Chinese Characteristics" and "International Style".

Theme on "Live a Fashionable Life With High Quality Food", the expo also attracts nearly 10,000 buyers from home and abroad to come for a deal.

The Huai'an expo already facilitated 32 intents of cooperation even before its opening ceremony with a total investment of 15.634 billion yuan.

During the expo's opening ceremony, Huai'an municipal party committee secretary Yao Xiaodong mentioned that Huai'an has always been cultivating the food sector into one of its advantages, making quality products such as Xuyi lobster, Hongze lake crab and Huai'an rice world-famous to build "A Bite" and "Huai Taste" as an influential brand.

Huai'an, a major food city whose food industry output value exceeds 100 billion yuan, has been continuously breeding the "Canal Culture" and the "Huaiyang Cuisine" (one of the four classic Chinese cuisines) due to its canal, rivers and lake resources.

It is noted that Huai'an is now applying to UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a "Gourmet City" to better contribute to the high-quality and sustainable development of global food industry.


Exhibitor contact:

Mr.Zhuang  /  (86)517-83900775 / 18751285626  /

Mrs.Dong  /  (86)517-83900983 / 15152829286

Buyer contact:

Mr.Ding  /  (86) 517-83900059 / 15061239471  /

Mrs.Dong  /  (86) 86-517-83900639 / 15996154905

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