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Famous store selection

In order to further inherit and carry forward the cooking culture of Huaiyang cuisine and promote the construction of "the gastronomic capital of the world", selection activities of " Huaiyang Cuisine Famous Enterprises” were launched throughout the city of Huaian, Jiangsu Province.

At the selection conference of "Huaiyang Cuisine Enterprises" held on May 10, 15 catering companies were rated as "Huaiyang Cuisine Famous Enterprises" and 26 as "Huaiyang Cuisine Specialty Enterprises", which would shoulder an important role for the development of the Huaiyang Cuisine industry.

With the theme of "creating Huaiyang cuisine brand and promoting Huaiyang cuisine culture", this selection event was sponsored by the Organizing Committee of China (Huaian) International Food Expo, Huaian Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and the joint promotion of Sina, Weibo, Tencent, and Today's Headlines, etc. From February 2019 to April 30, 2019, the activities were done by the form of enterprise application, county and district (park) preliminary examination, online voting, and expert review.

According to the selection rules, all the contestants must go through layers of screening about 30 items from the environment and facilities to service and food quality, including processing operations in about 800 square meters, a pleasant environment, a spacious reception hall independent of the dining environment, no less than 20 % of the staff in the kitchen holding a grade certificate, the whole year's express supply of more than 150 dishes, etc. The test of "Huaiyang Cuisine Specialty Restaurants" includes more than 20 items, namely Huaiyang Cuisine with distinctive flavor and 5 or more famous dishes (1 famous snack).

This activity was highly valued by the municipal party committee and government, during which each county and district has set up a corresponding selection team in accordance with the requirements of the selection notice. Through extensive mobilization, publicity and survey, etc., many catering enterprises participated actively in the selection and registration activities. Combined with the comprehensive assessment of enterprise dishes, environment, service quality, and daily supervision, 73 catering enterprises were recommended by counties and districts. After the voting with 230,000 people‘s online participation and assessment procedures of field visit, on-site experience, assessment, scoring item by item and media publicity, 15 "Huaiyang Cuisine Famous Enterprises" and 26 "Huaiyang Cuisine Speciality Enterprises " were finally selected. 

Exhibitor contact:

Mr.Zhuang  /  (86)517-83900775 / 18751285626  /

Mrs.Dong  /  (86)517-83900983 / 15152829286

Buyer contact:

Mr.Ding  /  (86) 517-83900059 / 15061239471  /

Mrs.Dong  /  (86) 86-517-83900639 / 15996154905

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