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Huaian Ten Bowls of Good Noodles Competition

Huai'an noodles are well-known throughout the whole country. The toppings of Huai'an noodles are stir fried and then added to noodles for immediate consumption. Toppings are the biggest feature of Huai'an noodles. A bowl of good noodles pays attention to moderate hardness of noodles, rich and pure soup, and fresh toppings. On May 10, Huai'an Ten Bowls of Noodles Competition was held. After more than three hours of live competition, 12 bowls of good noodles were produced.


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Mr.Zhuang  /  (86)517-83900775 / 18751285626  /

Mrs.Dong  /  (86)517-83900983 / 15152829286

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Mr.Ding  /  (86) 517-83900059 / 15061239471  /

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