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The logo and slogan of China (Huai’an) International Food Expo have been issued.

30 days left before the opening of China (Huai’an) International Food Expo

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The Organizing Committee convenes a press conference 

to introduce the progress of the Food Expo and officially issue the logo and slogan.


Gu Kun, vice chairman, secretary-general of the organizing committee of the Expo and vice mayor introduced the basic information, preparation and highlights of the Expo. It is understood that about 270 enterprises are expected to participate the Expo, including nearly 100 overseas companies, more than 80% of which are among the world Top 500, internationally renowned food enterprises and leading enterprises in the industry. 

hang Donglai, vice secretary-general of the organizing committee, director of the municipal bureau of commerce issued the logo and slogan.



Huai'an is a city with beautiful liquor and tasty food. The slogan Aroma and pleasure in the Expo, Intoxicated by good liquor in Huai’an keeps to the point. It is easy to remember and disseminate. Aroma and pleasure in the Expo shares a similar pronunciation with Meeting in the expo in Chinese which implies inviting friends from five continents to meet in Huai’an for the Expo to share and cooperate. Intoxicated by good liquor in Huai’an tells the audience Huai’an has tasty food, fine liquor and beautiful scenery

Exhibitor contact:

Mr.Zhuang  /  (86)517-83900775 / 18751285626  /

Mrs.Dong  /  (86)517-83900983 / 15152829286

Buyer contact:

Mr.Ding  /  (86) 517-83900059 / 15061239471  /

Mrs.Dong  /  (86) 86-517-83900639 / 15996154905

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